So, here’s that mix I mentioned yesterday. Not sure it’s really a summertime type deal but the first track is called summertime and the real thing appears to be on it’s way. This starts out with a bunch of new tunes, slows down, gets a little weird and then comes noisy at the end.

clockwatcher summertime maybe mix (190Mb@192)

SummertimePeaking Lights
Wade InJoy O
Ye YeCaribou/Four Tet
Street HaloBurial
MirrorThom Yorke/Burial/Four Tet
If Anywhere was here, he would know where we areRaime
Midnight MutantMiko Vainio
The Big SleepInch Time
MureungWil Bolton
Rattling CageForest Swords
Hashashin chantDemdike Stare
I Take You As My Wife Again (Gibby Haynes Remix)Psychic Ills
Ex Nihlo Nihil FitChasing Voices
Venus Knock Dro Carey
Untitled Ancient Methods
R.F.I.D. Cloaks
UntitledSandwell District

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