This blog is not about youtube neither

Those of you who pay attention to this kind of thing will be aware that The Flaming Lips have been playing about with releasing their music in unusual ways this year, as a phone app type of deal, a pretty regular ep collaboration with neon indian and a couple of weeks back on flash drives inside life size gummy bear skulls. Like you do. So far, so fun. Alongside all of this, for the rest of us who couldn’t get one of the 5 skulls, they’ve also put together a more traditional collector’s/mojo bores box set called ‘Heady Nuggs’. Also out for record store day this year, it’s basically a luxury reissue of the first five warners albums in thrillingly coloured vinyl. This period (1992-2002) saw them stagger, heads bleeding, away from being noisy underground weirdos via their artistic high point thus far (the middle three) and on toward their commercial high water mark (Yoshimi) to arrive as almost mainstream weirdos. With a lot of people in animal costumes about.

Anyway, I don’t have a spare pile of cash to buy a bunch of records I already own in a nice shiny box, great as they are. A rarities/B-sides/outtakes set? well maybe.  This got me started on thinking about knocking together a mix of stuff from that period, there’s a few EP’s, live tracks, some odd radio session covers and whatever. Well, turns out there’s tons of it, a lot more than I thought. And then there’s Zaireeka. Four disc sprawling experiment in sound that hardly anyone has ever listened to properly (through four stereos). That’s a lot to play with. I know you can find it mixed on t’internet but where is the fun in that when you could do your own? hmm? So I started to tinker with my own versions. Then there’s this

which has an accompanying ‘bootleg’ of old live recordings to add to the pile. Long story short is that with my usual punctuality I might be a while sorting through this and putting together that mix. Record Store Day has already disappeared into the misty past. So to tide you over in the meantime here’s a tune from the Fearless Freaks Bootleg and a number they did a little while after ‘Yoshimi…’ for the spongebob movie.

And a damn youtube clip too.

Moth in the Incubator (Ventura Ca 1995)

Spongebob and Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy

and here’s a really great clip of them performing it on Conan O’Brien’s show

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