fuller flavor feller filler

here’s the bonus disc to yesterday’s for you then. I’ll concede right off that this will only appeal to a ‘minority audience’ and not a lot of other people. Meh. Thinking Fellers’ records were usually littered with short pieces of what they called feller filler – tape experiments, ambient sounds, rehearsal room tapes of stuff that never quite developed into songs and just straight up dicking about. They provide a little break between the denser more structured tunes, sometimes they’re tacked on to the beginning or end and other times they get their own titles. A lot of people don’t like them. Here’s the band’s Hugh Swarts….

People make a distinction between songs done in a normal studio and tape pieces. It’s all the same to me really, but since it has lower fidelity and lacks verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure, it’s often taken that you’re purposely making your music less accessible.

Me? Well it seems I’m the kind of feller who thinks to himself “What if you strung them all together?” This kind of stupid thought is one of the things this blog was actually supposed to be for (What does ‘Come On Die Young’ sound like backwards? – swooshy and backwards mostly). This is a mix of all the feller filler tracks from ‘Tangle’ through to ‘I Hope It Lands’. They started out in the order they were released but got juggled about a little. Some are overlaid, some are edited or looped but there isn’t a lot of reworking done to them. Give it a try – it makes interesting, constantly shifting background music. If you’ve no idea what this is but you’ve read this far, or you like Krautrock it might be worth your attention,

fuller flavor feller filler

oh, yeh – I do know Flavor is the american spelling – they’re an american band ‘K?

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