blue monday

yeh really. it’s New Order week this week around here. next monday will see the release of ‘TOTAL’ a superflous new ‘best of’ collection that has both Joy Division and New Order tracks together for the first time plus an unreleased track ‘hellbent’. as far as I can tell it’s not actually being sponsored by the french petrochemical giant of the same name but the cover is a little bit like their logo. but  beautiful.

‘hellbent’ is ok but it’s also pretty clear why it was unreleased and it has that madchester shuffle beat under it, you’ll live. still, having slagged off the cover and the new track I should just point out that I love New Order, they were fantastic. here to kick off the week is a bunch of mash-ups using blue monday mashed together, it’s got kylie and xtina and kelis and possibly other stuff too. some of you will know it from this mix from earlier in the year. I’ll have some more bits and bobs as the week wears on.

blue monday (mash up epic)

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