barney bizarre

 bizarre love triangle

today it’s a bit of barney. poor barney, never gets the credit he deserves for his guitaring despite the huge influence his stuff in joy division has had on all manner of bands. always getting pasted for singing off key and writing trite lyrics. which he does, sometimes. in new order’s glory years it seemed he could never manage to play guitar and sing at the same time. he seems to have got a grip on that in electronic ‘cos they were a much slicker, more dependable live act when they ‘came back’. anyway, after they finally fell apart he popped up on some sky arts show and played a few acoustic numbers, which clearly held a high disaster potential. he did one each by joy division, new order, electronic and new effort bad lieutenant. here’s bizarre love triangle – his playing, singing and lyrics are all great and I like this version better than either the frente! or even as we speak versions both of which are a bit too sweet in polished and shambolic ways respectively. anyway….

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