I’ve never met anyone quite like you before

  temptation (greenbluegrey re-edit)

this is an image taken from the fine time sleeve which I did for the slideshows at PROD. we had a whole disc full of 7″ sleeve scans we used to show. for some reason I made a few of these with different colour sets, the idea being they would run into each other a bit more smoothly. I don’t actually remember seeing it happen so I’m not sure if it worked but here it is even though I’m not posting  fine time today. here instead is an edit of ‘temptation’ which I suppose was also done to play out at PROD. ‘temptation’ is probably my, and everyone else’s, favourite new order song. it’s soaring and wonderful and incredibly difficult not to dance to. as far as I know no-one ever noticed it wasn’t the original, it misses the first verse and stretches out the more minimal early sections coming in on the wonderful ‘oh you’ve got green eyes’ lyric and then speeds up toward the rock ending. I might do it different now but here you go, it went quite well with 8-bit boy’s remix of burial’s archangel as I remember.

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