it’s not a joke, it’s not even funny….

field (player in the league)

and so today we come to ‘get ready’ a come back of sorts after a few years doing other stuff and not getting along much, a new album. today’s tune is an outtake and in my opinion slightly more worthy of your attention than ‘hellbent’ on the new collection. at the time of its release I loved ‘get ready’. still, once it fell off my regular playlist it pretty much never got played again. I think I was just ecstatic that they made a new record and it wasn’t rubbish. It’s not that it’s a bad record, just that most of their others are better. it seems like a thorough and shared determination to make it good and not upset the apple cart led to a cautious, committee approved version of new order. not at all the fearless, ‘go on, let’s try this’ attitude of their best stuff. it has record company fingerprints on it, which never happened with factory. it’s also the first time any of their records came out in an underwhelming sleeve as well, overseen by peter saville but featuring lacklustre photography from fashion wunderkind jurgen teller. there are also unwelcome guest appearances from billy corgan and bobby gillespie. of course they would go on to top all this with ‘waiting for the sirens call’ which had worse songs, a worse cover and worse guests. on the upside the internet never ceases to give, this track comes from a remastering of leaked early mixes for the album by mr analog loyalist. you can get his version of the record over at his blog the power of independent trucking it’s not perfect but it is better than the released version if you ask me. i’ve been enjoying it a lot and if you’re a big new order fan you probably will too. even if you’re not and you’ve got this far it’s still worth a visit as he’s got allsorts of great stuff to be found there, including insight into the minutiae of cleaning up recordings that may or may not be a little in depth for your taste. maybe we’ll have some covers on monday, how’s that sound?

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