heron chic

So erm, yeh. I promised some new order covers for monday to round of the whole new order week thing and here you go. Total has hit the shops and in lewisham today you can buy ‘waiting for the sirens call’ for £1.99. and so on. these are all good, which is not true of all new order covers by a long shot. most recently and appallingly george michael made a drug addled car crash of the job. all three artists here bring there own thing to a reasonably straight reading of the song but it’s cantrell’s teasing out of ‘love vigilantes’ country heart that is the real keeper.

afghan whigs – regret (live)

velocity girl – your silent face

laura cantrell – love vigilantes

I may get around to sorting things out on here, like the haphazrd links over there -> and a new mix or something. but it’s glastonbury month so that may not go to plan.

2 thoughts on “heron chic

    • it’s OK, a bit wet, a bit too polished, a bit bloodless.
      Galaxie 500’s ‘ceremony’ is great though, I should’ve put that up.

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