oooh, big bunch of free

this isn’t the sort of thing that usually pops up here, it being more the sort of place for random pictures of ice cream vans and so on but… tonight in london’s fabulous brixton town the very wonderful morton valence are playing FOR FREE at plan B. it’s an offline night and if it’s any further inducement for you i’ll be joining their regular DJ’s to spin a tune or two during the evening, let’s see your moves. the whole thing is a party in celebration of the universally warm reception to their second album ‘me & home james’. quite right too, it’s a fantastic record, one of the best of the year. come along, hear them play some of it, buy yourself a copy – it’s an all round win. as if that alone were not enough, they’ve also just given away a new track ‘clouds’ FOR FREE on their bandcamp page. it’s lovely, while at the same time clearly a bit ‘b-side’ compared to the album. hunt about there ‘cos their fantastic ‘sailors’ is there for you to grab as well. is that all? no. it is not all. as an extra bonus thing here’s an early, I guess we could say demo, version of the album’s title track that popped up on their old website a while back. FREE music, FREE gig, excellent band – you’d be mad not to.

me & home james (early version)

I know it’s not a great picture, but it is clouds. you see?


oh alright then, here’s a pic of them as well. I’m spoiling you.

taken by none other than offline’s editor. tidy eh?

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