cassette watcher

so, this tape had popped up and back into heavy rotation in the car stereo earlier this year – it’s great as you may know. then poor old Martin Rushent went and died, so it got played a whole load more. it is my favourite thing the league ever did and it’s really his baby, a pioneering piece of work. Rushent spent hours in the studio splicing tape until it barely held together and then fought for its release against both the band and the label. we listened to it on the way down to glastonbury as well, and i really wanted to use something off it in a mix, so it kicks off this new one. What follows is much newer stuff but the first half has quite a lot of retro synth sounds, then it gets lively and winds down to pretty minimal techno

clockwatcher twice (85mb @192)

human league – things that dreams are made of
brokenchord – a girl of 13 summers
doshy – suspiria
eprom – chromium decay
swindle – playground
terror danjah – reinforced (orig mix)
substance b – dora au college a fou fou fou
xxxy – open your eyes
nightwave – feel
perc – purple
silent servant – violencia (function mix)
sandwell district – speed + sound (endless)
function – variance 1

years ago I remember Oakey saying in an interview that he’d made a track with a sample from fawlty towers of the waldorf salad ‘walnuts apples celery grapes’ bit but he was never happy enough to do anything with it. I thought this was a great idea, but when I went to youtube to track down the sample I found I was far from alone…

this isn’t all that great, but it is funny

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