dizzee rascal – sirens (chase & status)

so yeah, chase and status. everybody hates them now but it’s a really good remix. honest. watching them on telly live from T in the park a friend of mine suggested calming the troublesome bucky fuelled crowd by lowering rothko colourfield paintings either side of the stage. amusing as this was I had to point out that to chase and status’s audience they would probably most look like those patches where the council have painted out their tags (see the everday abstracts posts). so I think we’re stuck with chagall’s lovely wonky donkey. could some lovely art calm the rioters? call us now we would love to hear your thoughts.

I would have put this up sooner but my phone wasn’t getting on with my computer, should have got out and got a new one eh? Deptford saw relatively little trouble, mostly ‘cos there’s nothing to loot perhaps. read about it at transpontine. happily the only damage here was to the banks, numerous bookmakers, pawnbrokers and tesco express. All of whom it’s hard to have any sympathy for. tesco doesn’t belong on this high street attempting to close out small businesses whose sales their supermarkets already squeeze. the bookies are unwanted too, coral closed out a cafe and gallery several years ago and most recently paddy power have taken over the deptford arms to my great annoyance. there is currently an application for another bookmakers in the old halifax and there’s already five on the high street. it’s like little las vegas. only with no glamour, or lights, or entertainment, or money, or hope.

shopocalypse now

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