hot knife in butter

ekoplekz – titian dub

well now. I might be doing a bit more of this type post. I really liked the opaque minimalism of yesterday’s. a picture, a tune. no connection, no explanation. but sadly I can see how it’s not all that helpful. clearly, having a connection between the two would lead to poorer selections in both respects, I took photos of swans this morning. SWANS. exactly.  so any of that kind of thing is going to be serendipitous in the main. I don’t really intend to explain the images either. what would be the point of that? it wouldn’t hurt to give a little clue or two about the music though would it now? so, ekoplekz. new record called ‘intrusive incidentals vol 1’ out any day now (not that I’m about to get too into the habit of hyping new records here either – it’s that serendipity thing again) I haven’t heard it but you can read a good review over at the reliably interesting idiot’s guide to dreaming that’s far better than anything I’d ever come up with. ekoplekz used to write a blog I read called gutterbreakz but I didn’t pay his first musical effort any mind. then a couple of his unreleased tracks turned up on the recent mordant collection ModernismuseuM as well as a great mix he’d done of a bunch of their stuff. that certainly got my attention, and this is one of those tracks. loops and noise and such. it’s great stuff.

just look at all those spidery words

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