hello kitty – the goth years

white ring  –  suffocation (los campesinos mix)

here’s an oddity then, indie pop youngsters remix witch house to enjoyable effect. How this came to be is something of a mystery but I suspect the nefarious influence of an international underground hipster conspiracy is to blame. young people. in my day you didn’t get talulah gosh putting sisters of mercy covers on their b-sides, you knew where you stood. I like this though, in fact I like both of the bands involved  and it works a whole lot better than you’d think. I took the spooky picture of the (no, not real) skulls in wales, where los campesinos came together, although none of them are actually welsh it turns out. enter their strange world at loscampesinos.com where you can read their blog, look at pictures, download the first track from forthcoming record ‘hello sadness’, try and find out what heat rash was/is all about and all the usual web stuff. white ring for their part maintain a more ethereal and elusive internet presence but mat tour over here next year. anyway it is october now, so we can start stocking up on black and orange plastic tat, if i’m honest the 4ft glow in the dark skeleton never came down from last year. hallowe’en starts here pop kids. now stop your smiling and dancing about in the hot weather, wrap up warm         and so on.

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