styled in luxurious ‘korgoleum’

and now, some lovely synth drone by garth steel klippert from field hymns where you can download it for free if you wish and use it for whatever you like as garth makes clear himself below.

“Korgoleum” is intended to function for the listener as literally as a building material (plywood, steel, or tile) functions for the builder. The name suggests a product akin to flooring, made of Korg. It is not organic, it is not analog, it is not natural. It is the bespoke product of a musical artisan whose personal choices determine its one-of-a-kind sonic texture. It can be fabricated by any qualified artisan with the proper equipment. It is intended to be used by the listener as-is, for whatever purpose the listener decides. It can be cut into pieces, manipulated into other forms, bought, sold, distributed, and re-sold, just like any other building material. It can also be looked at and listened to, all by itself. With Korgoleum, you do whatever you want with it.
To me, it’s music for drywall.

-GSK 8/11

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