metal wood brick scissors

kuedo  –  scissors

yep. i’m spoiling you now. jamie from vex’d has reappeared as kuedo – a name which conjurs an exciting variation on cluedo for the family of today. set on a south london housing estate rather than in a country estate. colonel sanders, in the stairwell, with the shiv. only not. it seems he’s left all the dirt, violence and general bad vibes coming off of vex’d behind him. on his new album ‘severant’ we’re now in an 80’s vision of the future. blade runner basically, and the music is cool and soothing and floats above the dystopia rather than rolling around in it. ‘ant city’ in particular sounds like it came straight off vangelis’ soundtrack. the record opens with a tune called ‘visioning shared tomorrows’ and ends with ‘memory rain’. you can see rutger hauer now can’t you? still he’s been upfront about that influence on it and it’s the director’s cut so you never get harrisson ford popping up narrating for the hard of understanding, although you do sometimes expect it. even the cover has the look of something from the 80’s to it, very graphic, kind of faux deco ‘we’re sophisticated and continental, thanks’. visage would have used it – only they’d have staged it with steve strange wearing it on his face. this tune ‘scissors’ has helicopter effects and electronic handclaps that remind me of paul hardcastle’s 19, and yet that is somehow not a bad thing – it’s great. still you probably know all this as it’s been positioned as big old crossover hit, the guardian have been streaming it, which must be a worry for the poor chap. it arrives on monday to take the world by storm, and when it does mainstream media will constantly refer to it as dubstep much to poor jamie’s irritation. still, he could always hit ’em with Lion V.I.P. to make his point…

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