bug fix

ford & lopatin – emergency dub (the bug)

briefly known last year as games and now taking their own names like a firm of low rent solicitors this is joel ford of tiger city and dan lopatin better known as oneohtrixpointnever. names not a strong point with them. their album from a couple months ago ‘channel pressure’ is a staggeringly 80’s synth soaked business that could easily soundtrack an early evening drama about two such low-rent solicitors on the trail of trouble, inna kinda quincy/rockford files type stylee. they’d be hot headed, toothpick chewing mavericks of course and when their superior drum programming skills didn’t get results then it’d have to be a little light violence to get things done. no really, it so could.  i’m not getting on as well with the vocal stuff but the instrumental versions are good. there’s a sort of garish surface to it that wears off with repeat use. anyway, never mind about all that because on this tune here the mighty bug strips away all the 80’s gloss off ’emergency room’ (the original really sounds like scritti politti to me) and gives us endless echoing percussion and dub space instead. mmm dubspace. a whole load of mixes, generally more dancefloor friendly are available today…

mexican summer

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