born under a bad star

venetian snares – szamár madár

right, well. unconscionable menace mr dubversion of speakers push air notoriety has just suggested, in his habitually flippant manner, that my upcoming set this saturday at the windmill will see me somehow get from lavern baker to venetian snares in 4 hours. hmmm. I like the sound of it. it’s snappy, it’s now, it’s pine scented, it’s the simply fuss-free choice for today’s happening young beatnik crowd – daddio. and it’s a challenge, of a sort. but I’ll be starting with link wray. probably.

also, this got left off the hallowe’en mix I’ve just done. It gets left off a lot of mixes. I love it so much it’s basically always in the running. so, if you were going to own just one venetian snares record, and let’s face it – there are a lot to choose from, then ‘roscz csillag alatt szulett’ would be it and this is one of my favourite tracks off it. there’s a pigeons thing going on with it but you don’t need to pay it too much mind. although there’s quite a beautiful picture of pigeons on the cover and just typing those words makes me realise how unlikely such a thing is. I hate pigeons. anyway he draws on a lot of hungarian classical music, mixes it with some crazy beats and the result is magic. with hungarian titles. this one translates as donkey bird, carrying the meaning of stupid bird. knowing that adds nothing at all to how great a tune it is though.

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