I was working in the lab, late one night…

the monster mash

so here’s a hallowe’en mix for those of you who’ve had your fill of the monster mash – this is a mix of slightly less jolly numbers to, er, set the party mood. there was going to be a lot more spooky droning on it but it seems I had a lot to try and squeeze in in the end, bad news for 15 minute long tracks of feedback and scraping noises. drag, drone, doom and dub, metal and breakcore bring you the vaguely menacing and dark vibes to accompany next weekend’s  pumpkin carving/battle against the undead, whatever you have planned, have fun

the death of man (III) – agalloch
supertzar – black sabbath
burnout eyess (visions of trees mix) – oOoOO
the voodoo curse – scientist
bone is bloodstone – l.a. vampires & zola jesus
hollow stone – agalloch
box theme – coil
meyer’s house – john carpenter
faded – white ring
sin nanna – sunn O)))
skullcrush – salem
yes love, my soul is black – venetian snares
crux (remix by I am the sun) – broken note
black site confessional – genus inkasso
the box (edit) – orbital
goat rave vs the instrument of torture – servants of the apocalyptic goat rave
parting chant – the haxan cloak
solstices – downliners sekt
I am blind – nurse with wound
matilda’s dream – demdike stare

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