23 skidoo  – gregouka

all out spooky with a grave yard pic today, taken about a year ago in the south of france, which is pretty far flung and exotic by this blogs standards. and 23 skidoo. I really wish this was on the hallowe’en mix now I’ve just played it again. it’s fabulous. gregorian chant + joujouka = lengthy unsettling mood piece. it’s like demdike stare. it’s almost 30 years old. and despite not really offering all that much by way of suprises once you’ve comprehended the recipe – it is fantastic. so this is where I call them pioneering. their mysterious name has it’s roots in american slang from about a century ago, there are various theories about its origin taking in the flat iron building in new york and an attempted jail break in new orleans. I’m pretty sure they got it from william burroughs. they were big fans and burroughs, not just a fan but an instigator of slang, used it as a title for a piece. burroughs was also interested in and recorded sufi trance music joujouka when in morocco and my guess is that’s where they got that from too. maybe we should hear from uncle bill tomorrow. hmmm. maybe.

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