…and the squirrels were boiled in their tanks

hype williams – william, shotgun sprayer

so, as the astute reader will have noticed, I dodged out of writing about old man burroughs the other day. I mean what do you say about that? well there’s a lot, but you just know the whole internets is half full of scratchy little pieces about his myth more than his words. his hats, his guns, the drugs and so on and so forth. still, if you don’t know – go and read his books, they are remarkable. I toyed around with the idea of making a cut-up of the previous post. even that seemed a bit trite. and this confusing route brings our investigation to the door of hippos in tanks – because if the label’s name is nothing at all to do with burroughs and kerouac’s collaborative novel ‘…and the hippos were boiled in their tanks’ then I’d be more than surprised. (burroughs didn’t think much to the finished work and it was not published until after his death). they recently put out hype williams new album ‘one nation’. likewise if the title of this track off it has nothing to do with burroughs’ painting methods in his later years. (basically, set up a bunch of spray cans close to a piece of plywood and blast hell out of it with a shotgun). further, both hippos in tanks and their old label de stijl use a piece from the wire that compares them to 23 skidoo. it’s beginning to make me paranoid. of course we’ve no real idea if hype williams dig burroughs because they remain wonderfully out of sight. hidden behind their shifting curious music and multiple identities. they give out little information as to their methods or aims and what they do is suspect. they get called hip hop a lot more than seems in any way appropriate, which probably has to do with taking the name of a celebrated hip hop video maker. the use of down tuned self help tapes in an attempt to invert their meaning seems like something burroughs would approve. and their invisibility. I was about to claim they pop up on one of the clockwatcher mixes. but they don’t. or they escaped. slippery characters. meanwhile they also put out records on hyperdub too. in this capacity they crop up on the new king midas sound remix album with a version of ‘sumtime’, they also came up with this short mix of the album and a load of well, kinda hallucinatory underwater sounding skit type nonsense…

‘one nation’ by the ways is a great record, their best so far. now, I never post pictures of bands/artists on here but I do love this one and it seems the ideal act to break the rule for…

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