six degrees of kevin martin

elephant man – yuh nuh

here’s fun game for the music nerd in you. new king midas sound remix album ‘without you’ has a pretty star-studded cast of peoples on the remix duties. something which only goes to strengthen a familiar feeling about the man behind it kevin (the bug) martin. he popped up here the other week, scouring the 80’s shine off that ford & lopatin number you may recall. see, whenever I find myself nodding along to something that kevin martin is involved in I get to pondering his remarkably broad and varied musical output and the seemingly endless list of collaborators and guests. not to be interpreted as an invitation to all manner of list-making fan-boy geekery – that would be a limited and dry exercise, which would run its course. it occurred that you could probably have more fun getting from martin to just about anyone using the familiar six steps game. So yeah burt reynolds. you heard me.

kevin (the bug) martin > worked with blixa bargeld on second ice album ‘bad blood’. blixa played in the bad seeds with nick cave > who sang with and had a song covered by the great johnny cash > was part of the million dollar quartet with elvis > king of rock ‘n’ roll recorded a number of jerry reed tunes and got reed in to play with him > reed also wrote the famed theme tune an co-starred in ‘smokey & the bandit’ with…

burt reynolds.

never mind the folks we passed along the way (elvis!) it now occurs to me it should have been burroughs, i’ll have to go try that in a minute… pfft, you can do burroughs in four. quite probably less, six with time to take in the scenery. now this would probably have been a good time to put up something older of his like techno animal or even some skronking god. nah. this tune seemed fitting for reasons that should be clear, and six steps from kevin to elephant man? cutty ranks has collaborated with the bug, how hard can it be?

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