the true meaning of christmas

the true meaning of christmas

this festive little tree, at the anchor at the end of the high street, a gift from deptford’s street drinking community to the rest of us, is long since gone of course. actual seasonal goodwill swept aside in favour of officially sanctioned/commercial images of the season. still, it’s been reborn in a couple of incarnations since so who knows? after all, the usual site of the local tree is currently a building site.

k foundation  –  k cera cera (war is over, if you want it)

trying to pick a christmas tune to go with it I couldn’t quite find what I wanted (and believe me I have a lot of christmas music) but fortunately I didn’t pick randomly ‘cos  finally a story swam into mind…

to which I hoped to merely link but can’t find. the full story is in bill drummond’s marvellous book 45. which, I would helpfully add, makes an ideal christmas gift for a certain sort of individual. I’ve got one thanks. anyway,  shutting up shop so to speak, our heroes drummond and cauty decided to get their round in. in fact they worked out they needed 6,250 cans of tennants super to construct a perfect cube of cans. then drape it in the union flag. and they set out to do this. it collapsed. they rebuilt it using gaffa tape and crated it to unveil outside parliament. it started to fall apart again. it was christmas eve, they drove around london handing out cans to the city’s homeless drinkers but apparently still have half of it stored in a container somewhere, possibly with the photo’s and film of the event. who knows? a couple of months back a k foundation page appeared on facebook. apparently a charity in north carolina. 1 person likes it. I think i’ll be 2.  just to see what happens

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