attack ships on fire

earlier in the year I was rambling on about the human league’s ‘love and dancing’ and how it was great, and so on. since then a bunch of new stuff, particularly kuedo’s ‘severant’ has been using old analogue synth sounds in new music. the old horror soundtracks of applehead and others too. not that this is all that new in itself, it just seemed to get more obvious or something. retro-futurism is the slightly ugly and unfortunate term in use. this mix of old and new is the result of me listening to a bunch of it and not thinking too hard about whether it was some kind of bogus search for authenticity. slightly less blade runner obsessed than I feared it was going to be.

attack ships on fire (99mb @192)

kuedo – joy construction
ford & lopatin – the voices (instr)
gatekeeper – giza
austra – spellwork
human league – gordon’s gin
harald grosskopf – 1847-earth
oneohtrix point never – hyperdawn
sun la shan – catch
afrika bambaataa – looking for the perfect beat
new order – dub vulture (12″ remix)
kuedo – glow (clark remix)
omd – dazzle ships pts. 1-3
visage – the steps
hype williams – ital
human league – toyota city
laurel halo – metal confection
kuedo – shutter light girl
hype williams – untitled
roll the dice – iron bridge
ford & lopatin – green fields
kuedo – flight path
vangelis – blade runner (end titles)

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