happy winterval people

clockwatcher winterval mix

how was the final weekend before christmas then? shopping hell? sick of it all now? well despite a few of the titles and a couple of samples I chucked in for good measure early on this is really more of a wintery snow and ice mix than it is a christmas one. proof were it needed that the weather = mood formulation still holds a magical draw for people titling instrumental music perhaps. the tunes here are neither joyful nor triumphant – there are no jingling bells or heavenly choirs to be heard and no santa. so if you fancy a little break from the relentless festive cheer and noise without being a total misery about it, slowly wind down with these and a nice drink.

ice tunnels – rustie
christmas morning – casino versus japan
sherburne – alabama sacred harp singers
sink snow angel – venetian snares
snowflake – trentemoller
xmas funk – kid 606
all I wanted for christmas was my – kid 606
the snow hill (remix) – scorn
ice – shackleton                                                                                                                               ice – patten
christmas (pale sketcher remix) – jesu
the snow drift mix – coil
snow chain – perc
ice melts onto fingers – aaron martin
dance of the snowflakes – wounds
love on the snow – heinali
snow + light – dustin o’halloran

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