underworld – mmm skyscraper telegraph 6.11.92

one of the original b-sides. underworld have a new 3 disc anthology thing out today 1992-2012. twenty years. that’s enough to make me feel old and, I guess, make them venerable enough to soundtrack the opening ceremony of the olympic games. this has already led to the unedifying spectacle of michael portillo chair raving on television and raises the awful possibility of dave and boris ‘avin’ it large together come the summer. perhaps going on an old school bullingdon bender and wreaking havoc across east london in a terrifying orgy of complacent wealth. or ‘legacy’ as I believe it’s called. I kind of lost touch with underworld after 100 days off which was kind of disappointing I thought. still, they seem to have gone part-time since, not doing much except put out various ‘best of’ collections and the odd bunch of live dates. as they’re an incredible live act and their newer stuff doesn’t interest me much I find this state of affairs preferable to a string of further disappointing albums. whatever, if you like ’em and you’ve never heard this version it’s different, less sprawling and i’m fairly sure has different vocals rather than karl hyde’s put through the mangler. it’s worth your time.

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