waiting for the drop that never comes

aphex twin – flim (clckwtchr edit)

so, everyone’s current favourite whipping boy, alleged dubstep artist and celebrated chef mr ‘skrillex’ moore apparently stirred up further hilarity and disdain the other day by claiming on his facebook page that this rather downbeat and pretty aphex tune was his favourite song. nothing especially wrong with that, it’s one of my favourite aphex tunes too. it was the moronic responses of his fans (where’s the drop?) that seemed provoke an avalanche of snark. now then, his music is rubbish and his fans do indeed appear to be a gaggle of idiots but they, like him are taking their first steps away from a different musical world. that’s probably to the good right? certainly the idea that they are ‘doing it wrong’ seems entirely pointless and petty. it’s not the same? no, it’s not the same. so it goes. this is a version I made of flim aaages ago sitting there next to yesterday’s in a dusty old folder. it does not have a drop. it is, if anything, more ambient, almost underwater-y. I’m quite pleased with it, in it’s way.

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