byetone  –  t-e-l-e-g-r-a-m-m

anyway, back to techno. there’ll be a lot of it this month I expect. here’s a tune from an album I never got around to playing last year. not sure why because I loved ‘plastic star’ and it got loads of favourable reviews but I expect it has something to do with raster-noton’s generally forbidding air of intellectual rigour. or perhaps that I’m unsure how to pronounce ‘byetone’. the album, ‘symeta’  has a pale grey sleeve with two triangles on it. one white, one black. there’s a strong sense that while the music will most likely be intellectually engaging, laudable and worthwhile it will also probably be low on the fun-o-meter. in many ways they are a living caricature of what an avant-garde german electronic label would be like. if they didn’t exist matt groening could invent them for us. enough grumbling anyway, I like the clinical, scientific image they’ve got going and january is the perfect month for this kind of ascetic minimalism (alvo noto’s ‘univrs’ by fellow raster-noton founder carsten nicolai is another album I’ve been listening to). ‘symeta’ is a really lovely record. it’s not even a challenging listen, it unfolds beautifully in a way that seems both mathematic and organic at the same time. at the point where they are one, like the fibonacci spiral. it’s only occasionally discordant and it’s elegance and purity do make you feel slightly guilty for listening to so much other music that seems brash, messy and vulgar by comparison. again, perfect for the new year. let me see, germans, electronic music, minimal elegance. it’s now that I must mention kraftwerk then. those fine folks at the quietus were asking people yesterday to suggest contemporary kraftwerk influenced tracks and this was my vote. this tune is the most kraftwerkian on the album and it’s just a lovely thing. in an austere, minimal, german kind of way of course.

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