regis  –  adolescence

title track I suppose of a recent 3-disc glossy repackaging 94-2001 thingummy that you nor I could afford but was limited to 300 so they’re all gone anyway. still, it’s now getting a wider release as three seperate discs. maybe you can get the bits you want. or something. meanwhile all the recent techno excitement around here is being generated by one thing and one thing alone the 19th birthday of the house of god. in my subjective experience the greatest techno club ever there was. but that’s me. although not just me. regis will be playing, as will surgeon, sir real, paul damage – all the old crew. if you’ve no idea what this is, it’s thumping dancefloor techno of the kind hog specialises in and which, you could fairly claim, regis, surgeon and downwards records were particularly responsible for creating. mmmm. lovely

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