surgeon  –  radiance

this is just great. you should listen to it on repeat and at considerable volume. it has something circular about it, playing it on repeat is not going back to the beginning and starting again, just continuing with it. as if when it ends you’ve been lifted out of it and it’s still going on somewhere without you. that’s not to say it’s static or nothing much happens. there is a lot happening, all of it so effortlessly and naturally that it makes the familiar build up – breakdown formula seem incredibly crass. it sort of surrounds you, closes in and then recedes from you, as opposed to carrying you along anywhere. it’s still very much techno, there’s still a booming deep bass thud coming up from deep below ground, it’s just looser less mechanical. radiance is the centrepiece of last year’s ‘breaking the frame’ ( a title it won’t stretch your brain to interpret) his first album in a decade. a long time then, but he’s been busy becoming about the world’s best dj and the like. there are fantastic mixes by him all over these here interwebs – usually at least one at his own site. depending how overexcited I get on saturday night I might even put one up on here. if he plays this out I’ll be ecstatic. or, more likely, in the toilet or at the bar. so it goes.

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