monolake – hitting the surface

a fantastic track here from monolake’s great new album ‘ghosts’. now, it turns out this is to be the middle part of a trilogy – ‘silence’ being part one and part three ‘escape’ still to come. it’s also comes with accompanying text and is being presented live in surround sound with live triggered visuals made to accompany it (tonight at fabric if you can go). that’s the dreaded prog alarm bells you can hear ringing. don’t be afraid though, the beatless tracks are great too and once again we find that the clue is in the title. to a degree anyway, there’s a lot of found and layered sounds, plenty of the sort of clanking chains and creaking ropes you get on say the haxan cloak but used to less straightforward ends. while the general mood is not exactly lighthearted, Henke isn’t just leaning on the ‘dark and spooky’ button as hard as he can either. you know there’s a lot in there that’ll come to you in time with repeated listening. head over to boomkat where you can listen to clips of the whole thing and pre-order it as well…


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