over there

deptford goth  –  real love fantasy

matter of time really. six months or so I suppose, since this came out. no follow up so far though. click play, it’s melancholy and pretty. there’s a little of the witch/drag thing going on and it’d be lovely to say someone was finally owning up to the blatant gothery of the whole business but this is really more on an exhausted, bleached out r’n’b type tip. like how to dress well with less distortion. or james blake only less, well,  rubbish. he’s from peckham/malibu actually. whether or not he’s a goth or has a dark past in that regard (don’t we all?) is still unclear. you could buy it on a actual record! from the label merok, which might encourage them to get him to do another. or get it much cheaper as files from boomkat. or just listen to this (and the other wonderful track up on soundcloud), say ‘well that was lovely, but I gotta get down the market’ and be off.

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