pumped up

mmm hmm. hype williams proud owners of the least downloaded track ever on this blog award and lo-fi obscurantists deluxe have a new album ‘black is beautiful’ out next month. well, I’m excited anyway. meanwhile one half of the duo dean blunt has a curious mix tape solo thing here. I’m not sure if it’s called the narcissist ii or that’s the name he’s going under for it but as the new hype williams album has only one title and then numbered tracks, what things are called doesn’t seem to be top priority. this has even less structure than the hype williams stuff but it’s worth a listen. I’ve not given it close attention yet but it’s very soundtrack-y and may or may not contain a narrative thread. again there’s a vaguely haunted feel to it, things drift in and out of focus or reality, but it’s never really all that dark or moody even with the rainstorm sound effects and arguments. there’s a little of that ‘channel hopping while laid out on the couch drugged up to the eyeballs with cold and flu medicine’ wooziness and so on. or something, here listen at it…

the narcissist II

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