high maintenance

dj food – kraftwerk kover kollection

well, with all the kraftwerk excitement the other week you narrowly dodged a fairly pointless post about senor coconut’s (pretty fine as it goes) album of kraftwerk covers ‘el baile aleman’. I dunno, I’m sure you can see how once the key turned in the ignition the idea of a bunch of posts on kraftwerk gained some momentum pretty fast, then turned toward a mix of originals and covers and tracks that sample them and clearly indebted tunes and on and on and soon you’re just looking out at a whole great tottering mountain range of sound and listening through that filter all minimal techno ever sounds like their car clanking down the autobahn because they are the source and even the ridiculously long and yet incomplete list of times they’ve been sampled becomes an unreadable unknowable map of an unseen place, terrible, cold, completist robot-nerd voices fill your head and I’ll never even find the time to listen to all this stuff never mind make any sense of it and this whole idle idea has just runaway with its own accelerating logic taking you to a place you don’t even want to go. I only wanted to make a little mix of some kraftwerk tunes and stuff for fun, can’t we pull over now? I may still do that to a degree but fortunately for my sanity and our enjoyment dj food has made that perilous nerd quest on all of our behalf. this one here is the first of five of these mixes he’s done so far and he’s still out there searching and digging. he skilfully blends all the sources I mentioned above as well as a lot of interviews and commentary. they’re great, you can listen and/or download them from his soundcloud page or find them with tracklists over at dangerous minds. this first one is heavy on the senor coconut versions but the big black/rammstein segue is my favourite bit, probably because I would never have connected them before but the two bands are so close in so many ways that amuse me, I can just picture albini’s annoyed and exasperated little face.

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