it’s hedley

gummy  buggs

ironic that e-bay chose to contact me on record store day this year. apparently my completely inactive account has been sat there five years now. yay! maybe I can sell random tat from around the house. anyway, I didn’t get a copy of this years lips thing ‘heady fwends’ and I’m not about to e-bay one. I’d like one but y’know, I got the mp3’s and it’s a good record that’s the main thing (a cd release is planned for it later in the year). much as I love vinyl records I have to admit they are expensive and impractical and buying them is increasingly a pastime for obsessive men of a certain age, a marginally cooler version of keeping a fully working train set in your loft or something. it’s hard to see record store day, however well intentioned, as some extension of this. little independent record shops are dying and that’s sad, but appealing to the competitive nature of your core crowd seems a strange way of saving them to me. the flaming lips meanwhile seem to have abandoned the idea of a regular release schedule in favour of an almost non-stop series of collaborative ep’s and very unique releases and projects. including special edition vinyl as well as flash drives in giant sweets and 24 hour songs. it’s certainly an interesting approach. I’ve no idea if there’s an official policy as such but they seem to be accepting that they can sell a bunch of high price collectors items and let everyone else download it for free. maybe not. last year they put out a set of the first five warner’s albums on coloured vinyl called ‘heady nuggs’. a beautiful but unnecessary thing aimed at people who already have the records and want a really lovely object too.  fair enough. at the time I thought an out-takes collection from the same period would be more interesting to me. there’s tons of it to be found, here’s about two and a half hours worth of it in two fat chunks. a roughly chronological pile of radio sessions, demos, alternative versions and unreleased or obscure  bits and bobs.  a lot of great stuff if you want it.

life on mars (peel)
headphones theme from seemingly infinity
she don’t use jelly (primitive demo)
translucent egg
the process
after the goldrush
plastic jesus (porch version)
turn it on (bluegrass version)
girl with hair like an explosion
put the waterbug in the policeman’s ear (kcrw)
evil will prevail (kcrw)
ice drummer
when you smiled, I lost my only idea
this here giraffe (demo)
train runs over camel, but is derailed by the gnat (demo)
a machine in india (edit)
it remained unrealized (peel)
we can’t predict the future (peel)
the switch that turns off the universe (peel)

riding to work in the year 2025 (you’re invisible now)
hot day
the captain is a cold and egotistical fool
1000ft hands
satellite of you
spontaneous composition in oklahoma room #3
race for the prize (evening session)
okie noodlin’ (soundtrack outtake)
thank you jack white (for the fibre-optic jesus that you gave me)
at the fish fry and the bigots drunk
little hands
the golden age
if I only had a brain
shine on you crazy diamond
over the rainbow
the deterioration of the flight or fight response
can’t get you out of my head
if I go mad/funeral in my head
phoebe battles the pink robots
yoshimi becomes a pink robot


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