double leopard skin

double leopard skin

andy stott  –  submission
roly porter – arrakis
regis  –  blinding horses (simplon pass)
rrose  –  a, with all faces bleached out
the machine  –  leopard skin
vatican shadow  –  cairo is a haunted city
laurel halo  –  holoday
magnetophone  –  double leopard
ezekiel honig  –  subverting the memory of your surroundings
dean blunt & inga copeland  –  2
shackleton  –  music for the quiet hour pt.1
pinch & shackleton  –  levitate
julia holter  –  so lillies
mordant music  –  travelogues 1: a beautiful vesta
the unthanks –  lull 1
actress  –  jardin
juliana barwick  –  bob in your gait
richard skelton  –  the narrow rooms
perc  –  before I go

listen on mixcloud.

a new mix for the weekend, this one washes back in on the tide that took the last one out. more techno and found sounds this time I suppose, more beats and a darker mood than I intended, so it goes. the leopards thing is serendipitous more than anything, turns out their spots do change as they grow, borrowing travelogues off the mordant track  might have been more appropriate for the music but it’s much too close to ‘journey’ and we can’t be having that sort of thing, oh dear me, no indeed…

anyway, here’s your leopard news for today…

the leopard was spotted at around 6am in Utretia village of Maal :  times of india

leopard attack results in death of zookeeper :  asiaone

leopard falls into well :  zee news

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