it’s the most winterval time of the year…

winterval wonderland

another seasonal mix from last year, this started out to be a christmas mix which explains the random festive samples and charlie brown christmas stuff dotted about the early part but it’s mostly just a lot of wintry music with snow and ice and sometimes christmas in the titles. ideal for maintaining a festive veneer while actually feeling pretty bah humbug on the sly – we leave christmas behind after about 15 mins to wander out into the snow covered woods getting further and further from all the noise. if there’s any time left after all the mince pie baking and gingerbread house building I’ll make another, low fat perhaps, with even less christmasness in it because those are the best bits of this one. although I was quite pleased with the sacred harp singers/venetian snares bit. christmas is all about being childish isn’t it?

here’s the tracklist, it’s not exactly ‘rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’

ice tunnels – rustie
christmas morning – casino versus japan
sherburne – alabama sacred harp singers
sink snow angel – venetian snares
snowflake – trentemoller
xmas funk – kid 606
mr frosty – mike and rich
all I wanted for christmas was my – kid 606
the snow hill – scorn (remix)
ice – shackleton
ice – patten
christmas (pale sketcher remix) – jesu
the snow drift mix – coil
snow chain – perc
ice melts onto fingers – aaron martin
dance of the snowflakes – wounds
love on the snow – heinali
snow + light – dustin o’halloran

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