mister snowman


mister snowman

Mister snowman – (winter mixtape side 1) by Clockwatcher on Mixcloud

so following on from last year’s winterval mix thingy, where I ended up regretting the way the christmas stuff cramped a more general wintry mood, here’s the first side of this year’s effort – a seasonal, not particularly festive, selection. this is the more ‘upbeat’ side. kicking off the party with some vibraphone powered reggae (nothin’ says christmas-time like that right?) and nino nardini’s icebreaker, we soon find that it’s that miss minerva who has invited along the andrews sisters and liberace to deck the halls and jolly things up a little, there’s a brief dubstep interlude before mr funk steps up to pass on his useful wisdom regarding the care of your all important ice bear and our man from the vatican, mr fernow bids us meditate on the message of the season. their talking done, sam ‘walls’ willis brings back the winterval techno, we put aside our sherry and cut a merry rug. or some such thing. and all beneath a thick layer of crunchy snow. be sure to wrap up warm. and so on

here’s the tracklist, click the picture if you want to download rather than mixcloud…

clockwatcher – intro
Max Richter –  From 553 W Elm St, Logan Illinois (snow)
Lennie Hibbert  –  Snowbird
Nino Nardini  –  Icebreaker
Prefuse 73  –  Hot Winter’s Day
Maria Minerva  –  The Star
Ruby My Dear  –  Knit For Snow
Scarecrow  –  Snowflake
Venetian Snares  –  How To Steal And Store An Ice Sculptured Bear
Bee Mask  –  Frozen Falls
Vatican Shadow  –  Final Victory: Christ Became a Man and Had Truly Assumed Human Nature
Sam Willis  –  Winterval
Ambivalent  –  Snowblind
Desolate  –  Avian Flu
Cristian Vogel  –  Arctic Wolfman


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