mix tapes

been a quiet year here but all these mixes should now have working links in the titles if you want them (dec 13) and the wintry/xmas ones from the last couple of years are up top for, erm, seasonal reasons. we’ll see if the new year brings anything more

. . .

winter prayer


_ intro _
halls – winter prayer
monolake – infinite snow
trentemoller – while the cold winter waiting
fennesz – perfume for winter
godspeed you! black emperor – strung like lights at the printemps erable
motion sickness of time travel – the walls were dripping with stars
pram – a history of ice
hecq -frost
thisquietarmy & yellow 6 – under the snow


mister snowman


max Richter –  From 553 W Elm St, Logan Illinois (snow)
Lennie Hibbert  –  Snowbird
Nino Nardini  –  Icebreaker
Prefuse 73  –  Hot Winter’s Day
Maria Minerva  –  The Star
Ruby My Dear  –  Knit For Snow
Scarecrow  –  Snowflake
Venetian Snares  –  How To Steal And Store An Ice Sculptured Bear
Bee Mask  –  Frozen Falls
Vatican Shadow  –  Final Victory: Christ Became a Man and Had Truly Assumed Human Nature
Sam Willis  –  Winterval
Ambivalent  –  Snowblind
Desolate  –  Avian Flu
Cristian Vogel  –  Arctic Wolfman


winterval wonderland

ice tunnels – rustie
christmas morning – casino versus japan
sherburne – alabama sacred harp singers
sink snow angel – venetian snares
snowflake – trentemoller
xmas funk – kid 606
mr frosty – mike and rich
all I wanted for christmas was my – kid 606
the snow hill  (remix) – scorn
ice – shackleton
ice – patten
christmas (pale sketcher remix) – jesu
the snow drift mix – coil
snow chain – perc
ice melts onto fingers – aaron martin
dance of the snowflakes – wounds
love on the snow – heinali
snow + light – dustin o’halloran


double leopard skin

andy stott  –  submission
roly porter – arrakis
regis  –  blinding horses (simplon pass)
rrose  –  a, with all faces bleached out
the machine  –  leopard skin
vatican shadow  –  cairo is a haunted city
laurel halo  –  holoday
magnetophone  –  double leopard
ezekiel honig  –  subverting the memory of your surroundings
dean blunt & inga copeland  –  2
shackleton  –  music for the quiet hour pt.1
pinch & shackleton  –  levitate
julia holter  –  so lillies
mordant music  –  travelogues 1: a beautiful vesta
the unthanks –  lull 1
actress  –  jardin
juliana barwick  –  bob in your gait
richard skelton  –  the narrow rooms
perc  –  before I go


melted on the hot dash

intro (robin & juliet) – clockwatcher
liquid energy – delia derbyshire
dream baby dream – neneh cherry & the thing
roberta – kommando raumschiff zitron
prayer for jimbo – art ensemble of chicago 
kinda easy like – booker t. & the m.g.’s
you’re nogood – terry riley
all this is ours (sunrise in yr eyes edit) – demdike stare
the first time ever i saw your face –  erykah badu & the flaming lips


attack ships on fire

kuedo – joy construction
ford & lopatin
– the voices (instr) 
gatekeeper –
austra –
the human league –
gordon’s gin 
harald grosskopf –
oneohtrix point never
– hyperdawn 
sun la shan
– catch
afrika bambaataa
– looking for the perfect beat 
new order
– dub vulture (12″ remix) 
– glow (clark remix)
– dazzle ships pts. 1-3 
– the steps
hype williams
– ital 
human league
– toyota city
laurel halo
– metal confection 
– shutter light girl 
hype williams
– untitled
roll the dice
– iron bridge 
ford & lopatin
– green fields 
– flight path 
– blade runner (end titles)


monster mash

the death of man (III) – agalloch 
supertzar – black sabbath
burnout eyess (visions of trees mix) – oOoOO
the voodoo curse – scientist
bone is bloodstone – l.a. vampires & zola jesus 
hollow stone – agalloch 
box theme – coil 
meyer’s house – john carpenter
faded – white ring
sin nanna – sunn O))) 
skullcrush – salem 
yes love, my soul is black – venetian snares
crux (remix by I am the sun) – broken note
black site confessional – genus inkasso
the box (edit) – orbital 
goat rave vs the instrument of torture – servants of the apocalyptic goat rave 
parting chant – the haxan cloak 
solstices – downliners sekt 
I am blind – nurse with wound/matilda’s dream – demdike stare


clockwatchererer (93mb)

eno – dense air/fiercer aisles
eno & harmonia – sometimes in autumn (shackleton mix)
objekt – tinderbox
how to dress well – ready for the world (laurel halo mix)
old apparatus – untitled (side a)
chasing voices – acid bathory
miles – on the fly
pale sketcher – seventh heaven
morphosis – kawn
holy other – With U
motion sickness of time travel – luminaries
the caretaker – great hidden sea of the unconscious
lapalux – quick kiss
fennesz – july


clockwatcher twice (85mb)

human league – things that dreams are made of
brokenchord – a girl of 13 summers
doshy – suspiria
eprom – chromium decay
swindle – playground
terror danjah – reinforced (orig mix)
substance b – dora au college a fou fou fou
xxxy – open your eyes
nightwave – feel
perc – purple
silent servant – violencia (function mix)
sandwell district – speed + sound (endless) 
function – variance 1


clockwatcher – summertime or something mix (108mb)

SummertimePeaking Lights  Wade In Joy O  Allele Boxcutter  Ye Ye Caribou/Four Tet  Street Halo Burial  MirrorThom Yorke/Burial /Four Tet   If Anywhere was here, he would know where we areRaime  Midnight MutantMiko Vainio  The Big SleepInch Time  MureungWil Bolton  Rattling CageForest Swords  Hashashin chantDemdike Stare  I Take You As My Wife Again (Gibby Haynes Remix)Psychic Ills  Ex Nihlo Nihil FitChasing Voices  Venus Knock Dro Carey Untitled Ancient Methods  R.F.I.D. Cloaks  NailsVex’d  UntitledSandwell District

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